Medical Secretary: The Ultimate Guide

A Medical Secretary is an important member of any medical office. They perform a variety of tasks that keep the office running smoothly. Medical Secretaries must have good computer/IT skills and have excellent organisational skills. They need to be able to handle a lot of paperwork, stay organised in a busy office environment and be […]

Team Management: 9 Tips for Executive Assistants.

Team management is a critical skill for Executive Assistants. They are often the first line of defence when it comes to maintaining the smooth operations of their team. From handling conflicts among team members to ensuring deadlines are met, Executive Assistants shoulder a lot of responsibility in ensuring their team runs like a well-oiled machine. […]

How to Change your Career: 5 Steps to Become an Executive Assistant.

For many of us, the idea of changing our careers can be daunting. We may feel stuck in our current roles or uncertain about what else is out there. Maybe we’re afraid of making a mistake or not being good enough. The good news is that a career change to becoming an Executive assistant is […]

Time Management Tips for Executive Assistants

As an Executive Assistant, your time management skills are essential in order to successfully manage your Director’s/CEO’s schedule and ensure that all of their priorities are taken care of. Juggling a million different tasks at once can be overwhelming, but if you use the right time management best practices, you can organise your time more […]

How to Effectively Manage Your Time Between Work and Study

Working and studying at the same time is enough to make anybody’s life hectic. Constantly switching off from one thing and on to the other leaves very little time for anything else, and most of us have homes to keep in order and sleep to fit in too. You probably already have a few favourite […]

How to Follow Up on a Job Interview

Looking for a new position can be a nerve-wracking and anxious time, and never more so than when you’ve had a recent interview with the company of your dreams and have yet to hear back from them.  Stay positive; it is important to remember that the process of job seeking doesn’t necessarily end at the […]

Are You Jeopardising Your Job Search?

These job search tips can help you to land your dream job. It is no secret that today’s job market can be very competitive. It can be so easy as a jobseeker to fall into the trap of thinking that you are not being successful simply because another, perhaps more desirable, candidate gained the position. […]