CPD Accreditation

What is CPD?

Lewis College is an accredited CPD provider.

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD points, helps you to illustrate to your current or prospective employer that you have continued to study and develop your skills and knowledge to a recognised standard on an approved course.

When you undertake CPD accredited courses, you will find each course is allocated a certain number of points or credits. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course identifying both the name of the course you have studied and the number of points/credits you have achieved.

As a rough guide, each CPD point or credit is equal to one hour’s study time for complete beginners.

Building your CPD portfolio is an essential part of your professional career and will enhance your CV as well.

All PA Courses come with CPD points

Employer Funded Training

Completing training whilst working is usually part of your annual training review. Many employers will fund a CPD course for you so why not share a Course Prospectus with them?

CPD Accreditation

Our top courses include CPD points as well as the main accreditation. Details can be found on the individual course pages.

CPD Training Courses

We have single CPD Training courses that cover some key knowledge and skills – see our range of CPD Training courses.

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