Fast-Track Courses to Boost Your Graduate Career

A quick way to get into the business world and to start to see your degree working for you is to study one of our fast track top up courses.

These will provide you with key skills making you very employable enabling you to apply for a range of different jobs eg Administrator, Personal Assistant, Secretary etc and therefore building your business and working knowledge.

Once your working professional career has started you will find more opportunities opening for you as your degree will help to stand you apart from others.   You will be able to apply for other roles and responsibilities within the business sector you are working in or even new sectors.

Our short courses can be completed within 2-3 months – but you can start to apply for jobs whilst studying as employers will already start to see the benefits you have to offer with your degree and office skills combination.

Take a look at the following courses:

How can My Degree Work for me in the Business World?

You may have studied a generic degree which is not obviously relevant to any business sector – or is it!

Take a look below to see how your degree relates to different business sectors.


Marketing and advertising as well as social media are major elements of any business and larger organisations in particular need to have a team who have a keen understanding of how people think and react to different marketing strategies – which is what you will have learnt if you have studied these types of degrees. Joining the team initially as a PA or Administrator would help you to understand how things work. You would be developing your business knowledge and understanding in marketing and able to increase your role and responsibilities with the benefit of your degree.


Your skills in analysing, researching, data collection, impact of historical decisions , economies, communication etc are transferrable to a wide range of different types of business sectors – publishers, marketing and advertising organisations, public relations, central and local Government, BBC, journalism etc. Starting off joining the organisation as a PA or Administrator gets you through the front door and then you will see your opportunities grow and your degree working for you.


Data collection is a fundamental requirement in any business operation. It forms the bedrock of informed decision making, strategic planning, and trend forecasting. However, the sheer act of collecting data isn't enough. The real value lies in being able to meticulously analyse and interpret this data, converting it into actionable insights. This ability transforms you into a powerful and indispensable asset. With these skills, you can provide valuable contributions, enhancing efficiency and boosting profitability, making you an invaluable asset to any potential employer.

Sophie with her Executive PA Diploma
Katerina showing her certificates for the Executive PA Diploma course
Thy studied the Executive PA Diploma course
Brett with her certificates for our top Executive Assistant course

Not Sure If These Courses are Right for You?

We understand that choosing the right course for your career can be a difficult decision. Our Education Manager is here to help you make the best choice for your career path. Get personalised advice tailored to your goals and background, and learn more about the course, its objectives, and how it can boost your career prospects.

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