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Medical Secretary Diploma

Our home study/distance learning specialised Medical Secretary Diploma NCFE IIQ is a very popular course and designed to train you to a professional standard for a rewarding career as a top Medical Secretary or Administrator!

The course is suitable for beginners as well as those already working as a Medical Secretary or Administrator who are looking to gain recognition for their knowledge and skills and develop their skills further to boost confidence and increase job opportunities.

Medical Secretary Diploma

This course has 5 key sections:

•     Medical Terminology
•     IT/Computer Skills covering Microsoft Office
•     Administration
•     Professional Business Documents
•     Personal Development Skills

Optional subject – Shorthand

We have liaised with those working in the NHS to ensure the Medical Secretary Diploma is relevant to the current job role, as well as covering the educational standards required. We are particularly recognised for going the extra mile by training our learners for the workplace and not just to pass the Assessments and Exams.

Average salaries for Medical Secretaries is £27,800 (

Accreditation - NCFE IIQ and City & Guilds

Upon successful completion you will be awarded the:

IIQ3729 – Medical Secretary Diploma (Level 3)

City & Guilds/AMSPAR 5519-12 – Medical Terminology Award (Level 2)

City & Guilds and AMSPAR provide key qualifications for those looking to work as a Medical Secretary or Administrator. We are an approved NCFE IIQ Centre. NCFE is one of the leading vocational awarding bodies in the UK and is also recognised internationally. Level 3 is advanced level and the course has been benchmarked using Ofqual’s QCF level descriptors to allow you to consider the depth of study and level of difficulty involved.

Further information about NCFE Awarding Body.

Course Content

Medical Terminology – 18 Modules

This is the largest section of the course and you will cover a wide range of topics covering medical terminology which is key knowledge for a Medical Secretary/Administrator.

Modules include:

•     Basic Term Construction
•     Digestive System
•     Respiratory System
•     Cardiovascular System
•     Blood and Lymphatic System
•     Oncology
•     Renal System
•     Male Reproduction System
•     Female Reproductive System
•     Pregnancy, Childbirth and Paediatrics
•     Muscular System
•     Nervous System
•     Connective System
•     Infection and Disease
•     Pathology and Drugs
•     Sensory Organs
•     Endocrine System
•     Revision and Mocks

IT/Computer – 4 Modules

This section of the course covers key Microsoft Office programs you will find useful in your role as a Medical Secretary/Administrator.

Modules include:

•     Outlook – Email and PIM
•     Internet and Web Research
•     Excel – Spreadsheets and Charts
•     PowerPoint – Electronic Presentations

Administration – 3 Modules

These modules will develop your ability to manage a range of administrative tasks required in a demanding Medical Secretary/Administrator role. You will develop your underpinning knowledge including professional procedures for specific administrative roles which will require analysis, evaluation and decision-making skills as well.

Modules include:

•     Managing Business Meetings
•     Diary Management
•     Composing Medical Letters and Emails

Business Documents – 4 Modules

This section of the course will develop your skills to produce a range of business documents to a professional standard focusing on production rate and ability to follow instructions, design and layout. You will be applying advanced Word features to streamline production and design of different business documents.

Modules include:

•     Touch typing and speed development – using our interactive program – Speed Exam
•     Medical Documents (Medical Letters, Medical Reports/Articles and Information Leaflets)
•     Medical Audio Transcription
•     Advanced Mail Merge

Level 3 PA Skills Certificate – 5 Modules

The topics covered in this section are all about helping you to cope with the demanding role of a Medical Secretary/Administrator and they link in particular. They are also designed to help you with developing you as a person and your career opportunities.

Modules include:

•     Confidence Building and Self Esteem
•     Organisational Skills, Stress Management, Ergonomics and Health
•     Communication Skills – Body Language, Questioning and Answering Skills, Telephone Techniques
•     Relationship and People Management Skills
•     Social Media and Networking Skills

Optional module

Teeline Shorthand Diploma – 7 Modules

Having shorthand skills will complement your role as a Medical Secretary and enable you to take down telephone notes, instructions and of course minutes of business meetings. Shorthand skills will provide you with an edge when applying for jobs and this is a well sought-after skill by business and recruitment agencies. The range of modules you will cover include:

•     Teeline Theory
•     Speed tests from 40 wpm to 70 wpm
•     Business Correspondence Dictation
•     Minutes of Business Meetings

Studying With Us

This is a home study/distance learning course and you can complete the whole Medical Secretary Diploma at home including Assessments. There is no need to visit Lewis College.

For those sitting the City & Guilds Medical Terminology external exam, you will need to sit this at a convenient City & Guilds exam centre, which we will source for you and send you contact details. You will pay for the exam entry fees direct to the centre.

If you wish to complete the whole course at home you can sit the NCFE IIQ Medical Terminology exam at home.

You will have one to one tuition throughout the course, corresponding with your personal tutors through email. We provide optional phone or Skype calls at different stages as you progress through your course.

You will also have a Course Mentor who is there to provide additional support as and when required.

For further details please visit our How We Teach page.

Different Study and Payment Plans

As a guide, if you studied between 5-7 hours per week, you could expect to complete this course within 12 months. However, we have a range of study and payment plans so you can study at a faster pace, or alternatively, you can reduce the weekly hours and study at a slower pace that suits you.

We offer a range of different payment plans to support this flexibility;

•     Pay in full – Study as quickly as you wish
•     Pay in two halves – study and complete the course within 6 months
•     Pay in four payments – complete within 12 months
•     Pay by monthly subscription – no finance agreement, studying over 16 months. You can pause the course for up to 6 months
•     Modular payment – pay for each module at a pace that suits you

Further details about our range of different study and payment plans are available upon request.

The course is open for 16 months for all students.

Requesting Further Information

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