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Case Stories


Executive PA Diploma

I have recently completed studying for the Level 3 Executive PA Diploma.

The breadth of topics covered were very wide and each module was extremely detailed. Everything I have learnt has been valuable, I feel I have gained so many new skills as well as enhancing the skills I already had. The tutors and assessors were extremely knowledgeable, supportive and helpful throughout. The soft skills added as additional units are also very useful. I feel that I now have all the skills necessary to continue, if not further my career as a PA successfully.

I would definitely recommend their study programme to anyone, as I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and quality of learning offered.

Thank you to all staff at Lewis College.

Lucy H

Senior Administrator Diploma

After many years in the Early Years sector and after having my two children I continued to work part time in the pre-school that I had been working at for a long time but changed my role to an office based one. I really enjoyed my new administrative role and I wanted to make a career of it.

However, I had very limited administrative skills, knowledge and experience so I realised that if I was to progress in this field I would have to do some training.

I thought for a very long time before committing to the administrative diploma with Lewis college. I researched lots of different courses and institutions before settling with Lewis College. I found Penny and Lewis College to be very approachable and helpful without being pushy.

I have been studying for 1 year now. The course content is interesting and fun to do. The course immediately helped me to improve my work in my current role and towards the end of the course I found I was confident enough to start applying for new jobs.

I was able to put on application forms the different modules that I had studied. Out of three applications I was offered two interviews. I went along to one interview to get some practise and was offered the job! Part of the interview process involved doing a short assessment using word and excel.

Without doing the course I would not have been able to pass the assessment and would not have had the confidence to even apply for administrative roles.

The course content is clear and easy to work through. The modules are thorough and I now know the different Microsoft programs fully as well as the soft skills needed for working in office environments. The feedback I receive from the tutors is detailed and well thought out and is always delivered in a positive and encouraging way.

The course is all online and is delivered via email which suits me as I can fit it in around my part-time job and children. I think I would have struggled to find the time to go in to a college to study so the chance to study entirely online was brilliant.

The reason I hesitated for so long in starting the course was because of the financial and time commitment needed. However, I can now see that it was well worth it. I would never have had the confidence to apply for the types of jobs that I wanted to do without doing my course.


Executive PA Diploma

I had been working as a personal assistant in London for 6 years when I decided I want to progress and to have an administration certificate as a PA. I found many online courses available, mainly 1-2 day courses, but I was looking for a longer and a more interactive online course. This is why I choose the Executive PA course of Lewis College. It covers a lot of different subjects, very practical by giving the students assignments and assessments to complete and also there are tutors to accompany all the way. I can ask them anything at any time and they reply within 24 hours. They do not just mark my work at the end of the lessons but they always give me detailed feedback, as well. This keeps me active and motivated.

Even though I had already had strong computer skills before I started the course, it has been helping me to refresh my knowledge on the different software besides acquiring the certain secretarial skills which I missed to have before. It had made me much more confident by the time – half year later – I was looking for a new role as next step in my career and I was able to get great results on the tests of the recruitment agencies, which lead to job interviews.

Despite having a new job as Executive PA, I still want to finish my course because I found it very useful.


Executive PA Diploma

It was an absolute pleasure to study at Lewis College for the last two years and because of that I would like to thank you all. 

It has been an incredible journey and I can’t wait to see what’s next. 

Linda M

Executive Assistant Diploma

I worked for 3 years in the hospitality sector as receptionist and during this year, I understood that I would really love to have a career as personal assistant.

I found Lewis College online and I decided to start my Executive Assistant Diploma on September 2016.

When I completed half of my course, I decided to look for a job in administration so I started to apply. After few interview I got a job as Administrative Assistant for an important start up in London!

This course definitely helped me to get the job as it taught me the basics and duties for this role. The company keeps growing and hopefully my next step will be the Personal Assistant position.

Nathasna J

Executive PA Diploma

My background is absolutely not in Administration: I have spent 10 years developing my career in Hospitality before finally deciding that I wanted a change; I always had the ambition to be a PA, but never really knew how to make it happen.

After looking at several options, I decided to go with Lewis Secretarial College for several reasons: the flexibility of payments, the online tutoring, but most of all the program that they offer reflects the work that I actually would have to undertake within my job as an Administrative Professional.

Of course, I did have to start over as an Administrator. But the skills I gained with the College gave me a lot of confidence and the knowledge necessary to advance in my goals. I have learned so much about the Office Suite, which is vital to be successful in this field, and I believe that this ultimately made the difference when I applied for a role as an Team Administrator. I was able to say that I am a confident and advanced IT user, but also felt ready for planning and organising Business Travel or even printing labels and handling conflicts in an office environment. The course also teaches about time management, prioritising and negotiation skills, attributes that I believe are vital in any professional environment nowadays.

The course allowed me to develop a much deeper understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to be successful, and helped me advance personally as well as professionally.

I worked almost everyday for a year in order to feel that I was in a position where I could go from Administrator to Team Administrator in a Corporate environment. It was challenging but very rewarding and I always felt like I was moving forward.

I would like to acknowledge all the staff at Lewis Secretarial College for being so helpful and professional. I would have never had the tools necessary to get a position such as I have now without their help. Simon Scaysbrook, my tutor, even gave me advice to help me through the interview process which contained a PowerPoint exercise. I would not be where I am now without them.