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Teeline Shorthand Diploma


If you need to take down the spoken word – because you are a journalist, Executive Assistant or PA, Office Manager or Medical Secretary – then using Teeline Shorthand will make it much easier.

Useful for taking notes over the telephone and of course minute taking in business meetings or just notes from your boss giving you instructions.

For journalists – getting that story is the key and shorthand is an essential part of the skill sets required in your role.

How can I study this course?
  • This course can be studied from home or the workplace and is 100% online. 
  • You will complete an Assessment at the end of each unit which is submitted electronically with the option to re-submit if not at the required standard, gradually building your Diploma as you go through the course.
  • You will have continuous tutor support throughout the course providing feedback, guidance, and hints and tips as you study.
  • We have weekly start dates – please see the Enrolment Form.
How long will it take me to study this course?
  • As a guide the course will take up to 380 hours to complete OR 12 weeks if studying full time.
  • If you have worked in an office environment before or have some relevant skills, the course will take less time to complete.
  • This course is open for 12 months to provide plenty of flexibility for holidays, illness and busy times so you can study at a pace to suit you.
What qualifications will I achieve?​

NCFE Accredit our PA courses and all other qualificationsYou will receive the following Diplomas upon successful completion of this course, issued by NCFE – a UK leading vocational qualification awarding body:

  • NCFE CQ10464 – Shorthand Diploma (Level 3)
Course Fees and Payment Options
Course Fee:

£300 and includes VAT, NCFE registration fees and certificates.  

Payment Options:

PAY IN FULL20% Discountjust £240 saving £60!

  • Complete the course as quickly as you wish.
  • Textbook included

PAY AS YOU GOpay for your course in stages

  • Flexible monthly payments, releasing the course in stages, spread over no more than 5 months.
  • More details provided on enrolment.

More payment options info here.

Summary of Course Content - 25 units
  1. Introduction to Teeline
  2. Learning the Alphabet
  3. Joining Letters Together
  4. Special Outlines
  5. Your First Dictation
  6. Correspondence Dictation
  7. Getting a Smoother Join
  8. Speed Development
  9. The Letter ‘S’
  10. Letters ‘I’ and ‘Y’
  11. The Letter ‘L’
  12. Joining Awkward Outlines
  13. Common Words
  14. Putting it all Together
  15. Phrasing
  16. Dictation Practice
  17. Vowels
  18. Shorthand Development Exercises
  19. Blending and Doubling
  20. Shortcuts and More Blending
  21. The letter ‘C’
  22. Word Beginnings
  23. Word Endings
  24. Skill Development and Mocks
  25. Minutes of Meetings
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