Notebook with text to take medical terminology notes

Teeline Shorthand

Our online distance learning Teeline Shorthand course is a quick skill development course designed for those responsible for taking down minutes of meetings in their job role.

Ideal for Executive Assistants, PAs, Administrators and other office personnel where business meeting minute taking is required.

Teeline Shorthand is also useful for Graduates, Managers, Sales Personnel – anyone who attends meetings and conferences and who would find it useful to take notes with ease.

You will be learning:

  • Teeline theory
  • Penmanship
  • Speed Dictation
  • Transcription
  • Minute Taking
  • Correspondence Dictation

This is a short course and designed to give you effective results to enable you to use your shorthand in your working life as soon as possible.

Course Fees – £250 including VAT

The course is open for you to study for 18 months – giving you time out for holidays, illness etc.

You can complete the course as quickly as you wish.  Study from as little as 2 hours a week or intensively/full time.  We recommend about 200 hours of study for this course.

The Teeline Fast textbook is included in the course fees.


If you would like to enrol on this course please see our Enrolment Form found here: Enrolment form