Terms and Conditions


To enrol on a course, you will need to complete an Enrolment Form and submit this to us.  Please check you have selected all the correct options before submitting your Enrolment Form.

You should receive a copy of your Enrolment Form automatically by email. Please check your junk folder if you have not received it. If you do not receive a copy, please let us know. 

Once the course fees have been paid, we shall confirm by email your enrolment and the details of your course, start date and end date, course fees and payment. Please keep this safe for future reference. 

As part of our duty of care, we reserve the right to decline an application to study with us.

If you wish to make any amendments to your enrolment you will need to do this yourself in writing via email.


You will need the following equipment:

  • a computer
  • access to the internet
  • Microsoft Office version 2016 onwards – preferably Office 365
  • An email account to send and receive emails for your course (preferably not a work email as these tend to have restrictions) and one that can send and receive all types of files

You can purchase MS Office 365 which updates automatically for as little as £5.99 per month – we can provide further information upon request.  

You will need to have business-standard written English to study any course with us. 

You will also need to have basic computer skills including the ability to send and receive emails, attach files to emails and save your work on your computer.

Paying in full

Both private students and employers sponsoring a course for an employee can pay in full, prior to the course start date.

The course fees can also be paid in part by employer and in part by the student.

The course can be completed as quickly as the student wishes.

An invoice will be sent, which can be paid by debit/credit card online, or by BACS/bank transfer.

Pay with a Deposit plus up to 10 monthly instalments

You can choose to pay for your course by paying a deposit and the balance of the course fees over up to 10 monthly instalments, depending on the course you have selected to study.

  1. No interest is charged and no credit check is carried out.

  2. Upon enrolment, we will provide different deposit examples for you to choose from and what the monthly payments will be depending on the deposit being paid.

  3. The bigger the deposit, the lower the amount of the monthly payments.

  4. The course fees need to be paid in full prior to you completing your course or receiving your certificates.
Pay as You Go

You can choose to pay for your course on a flexible basis using our Pay as You Go (PAYG) payment scheme.

  1. No interest is charged and no credit check is carried out.
  2. You can pay for your course in stages over a specific time frame, accessing more of the course as you make your payments.
  3. You can choose how much you would like to pay per month (minimum payment applies) which will enable you to complete a specific number of units per month.
  4. The more you pay per month, the more units you can study and the quicker you can complete the course.
  5. This is a flexible payment scheme, enabling you to make additional payments to suit your budget at any time to speed up your course.
  6. If a monthly payment is missed your course will be put on hold until you make your next payment unless you have not completed all the units you have already paid for.
  7. If no further monthly payment is received within 6 months your course will be closed.
  1. The course fees need to be paid in full prior to you completing your course or receiving your certificates.

Those studying the Medical Secretary Diploma (Full) course and who wish to sit the Medical Terminology AMSPAR exam will be charged an entry fee. As a guide, charges are approximately £200. This is payable about 2 months before the exam date and is payable to AMSPAR.


COOLING OFF PERIOD (private students only)    

You are legally entitled to a cooling-off period of 14 days during which time you have the right to cancel your enrolment. You do not have to provide any reason for cancelling.

If you do cancel within the cooling-off period, any monies received from you will be refunded within 10 working days, LESS £75 to cover administration costs and the cost of any textbooks/vouchers which may already have been issued.

If you cancel your course during the cooling-off period but you have accessed the course on your Learning Hub, you will be refunded any monies received LESS a percentage which relates to the amount of the course you have studied, units you have accessed and the service received.

The cooling-off period starts the day after you submit your enrolment form. 

We shall confirm your cooling off period end date when we send our confirmation email. 

After the cooling-off period has ended no refunds can be made for any monies paid AND any outstanding course fees remain due in accordance with your payment plan.



Your course is open for a specific period and you have reserved a place at the College during this period.

During this time you will have access to your course and full tutor support throughout your course time frame.  Tutor support is not available during College holiday periods.

It is your responsibility to study at a pace to ensure you complete the course within this time frame. 

To provide you with maximum flexibility there are no specific time frames within which you need to complete single units of the course. 

You can study intensively, have a break and then resume studying or study at a regular pace to suit yourself and other commitments.

You can complete your course as quickly as you wish if you have paid in full. 

If you are paying over 10 monthly instalments your can complete your course over this period. 

If you are paying for your course under our Pay as You Go payment scheme, you will need to have pre-paid for the units as detailed above.  Your payment plan limits the number of units you can study per month.

You will be provided with support and guidance as to your progress throughout your course to help you manage your studying. 

If you wish to extend your course time frame after your course time frame closes you will be able to do so by paying extension fees. Details will be provided at the time you request to extend your course towards the end of your course time frame and if you still have some units to complete.

If you wish to close your course before completing all units you will receive certificates for those units you have completed, provided you have paid for your course fees in full.

You will be notified in your course confirmation email of the start date of your course and the date your course will be open until. Please keep this email safely.       



You will access your course via our Learning Hub using your personal username and password which we shall provide to you by email. 

You can access your course via the internet from different devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. 

You can download the courseware to save on your computer for future reference and for you to keep after you have completed the course. 

Required textbooks for the course will be provided by the College if Paying in Full.  The College will send the textbooks directly to you when required, alternatively, you will receive Amazon vouchers to cover the cost depending on availability.

You will need to purchase any required textbooks yourself if you choose the Deposit plus up to 10 instalments or Pay As You Go option to pay for your course fees.  Details of the required textbooks will be supplied upon enrolment.

You will submit any work to your tutors by email or by uploading it onto your Learning Hub. 

You can book a telephone or video call with your tutor if you wish or your tutor may suggest a telephone or video call may be useful to provide extra guidance and clarification.

You will have a dedicated tutor for each unit on your course who will be responsible for developing your skills and knowledge until you are cleared to sit the Assessment for that unit.

We will respond to the submitted work to provide feedback and additional guidance as required within 2 working days. 

You will also submit Assessments via email or by uploading them to your Learning Hub. Feedback and marking of Assessments will be provided within 5 working days. 

You can also submit a question by email to the relevant tutor directly. We aim to respond to questions/queries on the same day they are received or as soon as possible the following day. 

100% of the course can be completed through distance learning/online except for those wishing to sit the optional external Medical Terminology AMSPAR exam which needs to be sat at their exam centre in London (or occasionally another centre is available).  Additional exam/registration fees apply if this option is chosen which are payable directly to AMSPAR.

The entire course is delivered in English including all courseware and communication with tutors.


Certificates are issued upon completion of your course. These are issued by NCFE after we have submitted your claim to them.  Once the certificates are received from NCFE we post them to you to the address you have provided.

You will need to provide ID to identify your full legal name and address before any certificates can be issued.

Should you decide to close your course without completing all the units you can receive Certificates for the units you have completed provided the course fees have been paid in full.

The law of England and Wales governs these Terms and Conditions.

Please ensure you have read these terms and conditions and you understand them fully. 

If you have any questions you wish to ask about enrolling, please get in touch.

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