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How to Change your Career: 5 Steps to Become an Executive Assistant.

For many of us, the idea of changing our careers can be daunting. We may feel stuck in our current roles or uncertain about what else is out there. Maybe we’re afraid of making a mistake or not being good enough. The good news is that a career change to becoming an Executive assistant is possible—and it doesn’t have to be scary. Here are seven steps to help you become an Executive Assistant:

1. Evaluate your skills and interests

When you are looking for a new career as an Executive Assistant, it is important to take some time to evaluate your skills and interests. This can help you find the right industry for you. You may have to take some time to think about what you like to do and what you are good at.

It is also important to consider the job market when making a career change. Some industries may be in high demand, while others may be in decline. You should also research the average salary for different Executive Assistant career paths. This information can help you make a more informed decision about your future.

2. Research the industry you want

The best way to find a job that you will love is to research the industry that interests you. This means learning as much as possible about the duties of the job, the necessary skills, and the work environment. You can also read interviews with people who have that career to get an idea of what it’s like to work in that field.

If you are still in school, talk to your careers advisor about which careers might be a good fit for you. They can help you identify your skills and interests, and give you tips on how to pursue a career as an Executive Assistant.

3. Create a plan of action

Making a career change can be a daunting task. It’s important to have a plan of action to make the process less overwhelming.

Define your goals: What do you want to achieve with your career change? What are your priorities?

Research your options: There are many different ways to change careers. Do some research and find the option that best suits you.

Take action: Once you’ve defined your goals and researched your options, it’s time to take action!

4. Get qualified

One doesn’t always need extensive experience to be successful. Instead, one must be competent and qualified. Many people mistakenly think that they need years of experience before they can begin working towards their career goals. However, this isn’t always the truth.

There are many ways to get qualified as an Executive Assistant. You can take one of our online courses, read books, or attend seminars. If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, you can also volunteer or intern at a company in your desired industry. This will allow you to network and learn first-hand what it’s like to work in your desired field.

5. Freshen up your CV

Making a career change can be daunting, but it’s easier when you have a great CV. Even if you don’t have much experience in your new field, you can still make your resume and portfolio shine.

Start by polishing up your CV. Be sure to showcase your skills and experience in a way that is easy to read and understand. Highlight any relevant achievements to make yourself stand out. If you have a LinkedIn profile, be sure to include the link!

We also offer much more than just industry-recognized Executive Assistant qualifications. We also provide a professional CV writing service to help you get ahead in your career!


If you’re looking to change your career, becoming an executive assistant is a great option. This article provides five steps to help you make the transition.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you change your career, visit our website and please follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest Executive Assistant news and career advice!

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