Teeline Shorthand Diploma

Our Teeline Shorthand Diploma course is taught holistically – meaning you are learning all aspects of the skill progressively so you can start to use Shorthand at an early stage of your course.

Even in our email and internet age shorthand is a much sought after skill yet one which seems to be neglected by many PAs and secretaries.  For senior managers time is money and shorthand saves time!  Taking dictation, recording meetings and making notes at conferences will all be quicker with a good command of shorthand.

Teeline Shorthand is also useful for Graduates, Managers, Sales Personnel – anyone who attends meetings and conferences and who would find it useful to take notes with ease.

Teeline is a modern, easy to learn shorthand system created in the 1960s.  We take an holistic approach to teaching Teeline meaning that you will learn all aspects of the skill together so that you can start using it straight away.

After learning the alphabet you would then develop your theoretical knowledge learning about the many other ways you can write words more quickly by representing sections of words using disjointed outlines, blending, special outlines and phraseology.  So as you learn some new theory you will also develop your reading skills and your penmanship as well as your ability to write down shorthand by copying from text and transcribing from spoken word.  And all the time you will be improving your speed!

Having confidence in reading back your shorthand is a key element and something we like to develop from the word go so that you feel happy using your shorthand.

The Teeline Shorthand Diploma includes speed exams, theory, office style dictation and minutes of meetings.  You have the option of gaining a full Diploma or part Diploma.

If you would like more details please email info@lewiscollege.co.uk or submit an enquiry form.

Details about start dates, course prospectus and different ways of paying for the course can be provided.