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How to become a Personal Assistant

How to become a personal assistant

Many of the PA’s that I speak to never planned on becoming a Personal Assistant, but were given more and more responsibility until ultimately, they became a PA in their existing role.

This is the beauty of the PA role.  It is also why it has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the past 20 years.  The role comprises of a wide range of skills, many of them transferable, and offers extremely diverse opportunities.

So how do you become a personal assistant? 

You will need good communication and organisation skills, enjoy problem solving but most importantly, be willing to learn new skills. As a PA, you will be your main support for your manager so more often than not, you may have to cover some of their tasks.

The good news is that no matter your experience, you more than likely already have many skills that will fit perfectly into the role.  Add to this that PA’s are required in every industry then whatever your background, you will have specific experience suited to the role.

This does of course make the job competitive.  So here are my 3 top tips on how to become a personal assistant.

Research PA Jobs

The range of PA jobs available will differ depending on where you are in the country and your experience.  Get a feel for the job market and what sort of jobs are attainable.  Would travelling an extra 10 miles open up a number of more opportunities?  Maybe you’re willing to move but experience could be a hurdle?  By answering questions such as these, you can start to build a plan for where you want to be in 1, 3 and 5 years.  The jobs boards are the best place to tell you what you are going to need to work on.

As you start to answer these questions you can start to action tip number 2…

Get your foot in the door

Be proactive in your pursuit of becoming a Personal Assistant.  This may involve starting in a different role but speaking to your prospective employers of your desire to become a PA.  It could even just be a case of meeting the employer, especially if a small business.  As a PA you will work closely with your manager, and in many cases out of office hours and even weekends.  It is quite reasonable that you will need to travel with them frequently too.  Therefore, the manager needs to know they can trust you, and to put it bluntly, that they like you.

So why not put yourself forward and meet people?  Let them get to know you and all you have to offer.  Show them your desire to become a Personal Assistant and how committed you are.  They may not employ you there and then, but can you get the ball rolling?  There is no harm in asking.

Bear in mind, many employers will be willing to work with you whilst you complete tip number 3 of how to become a personal assistant…

Complete a PA Course

I know, I know.  A PA College recommending you complete a PA course!  But the fact of the matter is PA’s are well paid, lead busy but diverse working lives and have a huge range of career prospects.  Because of this competition is fierce.  There can be no doubt that a qualification dedicated to the role of PA is going to help you stand out.  As well as certificating your knowledge.  It also shows your dedication to the role as you have spent your own time training to become a PA.

Our Executive PA Diploma course is a great option for both those starting out and experienced PA’s looking to certify their experience.  You will cover the range of required office skills to organising business events, arranging business meetings and personal development skills.  It is the most comprehensive online PA course available with full support from qualified and experienced trainers.

In addition, our Course & Careers Team will help you to find a job for up to 2 years after the course.

We have an excellent track record of our students finding work after the course, but also during.  So no matter your timescale, contact us and find out how we can help you become a personal assistant.

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  1. Great blog and so far it is a fabulous course. Rigorous practice sessions and all the assignments and material are very helpful and informative. My skills have already improved a lot since I started this course and I cannot wait to see the results at the end of this year. It is so encouraging to hear that there can be no doubt that a qualification dedicated to the role of PA is going to help me stand out.I am so excited to take my career to the next stage and I am sure with the support of my tutor I will obtain amazing achievements.

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