4 Benefits to Upskilling Staff

When employers provide upskilling opportunities to their staff, the positive results are wide and varied, but here are 4 key reasons why you should consider upskilling your staff.

1.    Staff Satisfaction

Employees who are actively encouraged to train and improve their skills feel wanted and supported as it shows you care about their future career.  It will also make them more eligible for taking on more demanding roles and gaining promotions, giving them an incentive to invest themselves into their role as they can see a clear plan for personal improvement and development.

2.    Saves Time and Money

Staff with job satisfaction are far less likely to leave their role and thus save you time on a recruitment drive trying to replace them.

You will also have staff that know your business already so upskilling existing staff saves you from starting from scratch and also gives you the flexibility to mould them to fit perfectly into your business ethos.

3.    Increase Productivity/Improve Results

Knowing the job is one thing, being able to competently and confidently execute the task is quite another and you can ensure this is the case by having well trained staff who are up to date with the latest procedures, regulations, techniques and updates.

The fact your staff are committed and have strong job satisfaction in their role will help to ensure they deliver a strong service which will improve customer satisfaction and help build on your results.

4.    Gain a Competitive Edge

A team of well trained, informed and knowledgeable people who are dedicated and strive to develop alongside your business is surely the definition of a dream team.  With productivity increased and customer satisfaction improving, your competitors will struggle to keep up with such a well-oiled machine.

We encourage you to engage your staff and empower them by letting them choose which course they would like to go for.  Letting them choose their own training path will allow them to take ownership of their personal development.

Consider rewards for those that complete their training to reinforce the importance of upskilling and how highly regarded it is at your business.

At Lewis College we have a range of courses which will suit the upskilling of your staff.  From administrative skills to the latest IT courses, or more specific training for PA’s and Medical based secretarial roles alike.  We also offer bespoke courses where you or your employees can specify which topics they would like to study.

If you would ;like to discuss what Lewis College can offer you can contact me at simon@lewiscollege.co.uk or call a member of our team on 0800 500 3096

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