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Stress Management: Dealing with Stressful Decisions

Stress management and dealing with stress in general is a skill and something we all need to learn.

This will be even more apparent as we all make major adjustments to our working habits.

One of the key ideas of dealing with stressful situations and where decisions needs to be made, is to park it.

Park the problem, sleep on the difficult decision for maybe one or 2 nights and the solution will gradually come up to the surface from your subconscious.

Avoid making a quick and knee jerk decision in the first wave of having to deal with something – whether it is setting up a new routine for you and your family in the wake of major changes, or sorting out logistical new working practices – park the problem, sleep on it and your mind will be working out the way forwards in the background as you go about your day.

The results will be better than anything you think of in the first wave, and knowing you can park the problem and a good solution will come through, will put your mind to rest.

Stress management is vital… So do not stress… just park it 🙂

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25 responses

  1. This is really good advice! Normally I would keep thinking about it, getting stressed and even lose sleep over this kind of decision making.

  2. This is great advice. I tend to think about the decision I am going to make over and over again instead of allowing some ‘down time’ and parking the problem. I will definitely be using this advice!

  3. Great advice and a lovely way of phrasing it. It’s often difficult to take a step back when feeling under pressure, but it’s true – we usually make better decisions with a clearer head.

  4. I love how you have phrased this ‘Park It’.
    I always put myself under pressure to complete tasks immediately and become very stressed when I come up against a mental block.

    I will definitely be taking this advise!

  5. This is great. I will definitely be using your advice when making decisions.
    What a great way to phrase it. Normally we just panic and don’t think about the situation. Instead doing this really helps.

  6. ”Park the problem, sleep on the difficult decision for maybe one or 2 nights and the solution will gradually come up to the surface from your subconscious.”
    I agree with this advice. The worse thing is to making decision emotional one.
    It is better to calm down, wait few days, sleep on it before your new idea start knocking to your doors and change your life.

  7. Amazing advice!! I definitely have to try it. But what about when you can’t decide at all? When your mind keeps switching between two or three solutions?

  8. This is great advice and I couldn’t agree more. I will definitely use this technique in the future and ‘park’ the problem, sleep on it and come back to it.

  9. Thanks for some great tips and love the phrase “Park the problem”
    I will keep this in mind next time I start to feel stressed or anxious.

  10. This is great advice. I am apt to make instantaneous decisions and later reflect on that decision and regret what I have done. Better to have the sleepless nights before the decision is made, rather than after!

  11. I absolutely agree with that advice. I think I will now tell my self to “park it” as you said.

    Answers comes with a good night sleep I believe in that more than ever.

  12. This is really good advice, thank you, and one which I will try and put into practice going forward, especially in the current situation where we all have been burdened with extra stress and worry.

  13. Great Blog with practical advice. I tend to make knee jerk reactions. So going forward I will remind myself not to stress…just park it! – thank you.

  14. This is a very useful article. The idea of parking problems can be extremely helpful for a lot of people, both in their professional and personal life.
    However, we can not forget the difference between temporarily parking problems and ignoring or postponing them: this self-defence method needs to be used wisely not to turn it into irresponsibility.

  15. I’m already using this advice not only on difficult and stressful decisions, I’m also waiting a few days if I just want to buy something pricey.
    With every day going by, the world looks different. Problems that look so unsolvable can appear so small after a few days.

  16. Some really great advice here – I will definitely be taking these pointers to work with me on Monday as I feel I could really benefit.

  17. I suffer with generalised anxiety, decision making in high stress environments can really be a hindrance in my work and home life. I will definitely take this advice onboard, I will also show my Husband this, who also has troubles with this at work.

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