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4 Tips for Starting a Business as a Mum

Having watched the article released this week from Mumsnet Founder, Justine Roberts, “Why you should always wear trainers to work” – I couldn’t agree with her more.

BBC – Why you should always wear trainers to work (Justine Roberts, Founder of Mumsnet)

I highly endorse the 4 points she makes about starting and running a business whilst working with a family.

Passion is needed!

Whether your are starting a new job or a new business and even starting on a course that will help to develop your career.  Passion can be your leading light through the worst times.  It has kept me going in the early years with my business – working most of the weekend and late until midnight in the office.  I still have my passion for my business – I love my business!

And the reason for that is because of the many positive outcomes for our students and the great stories we hear of how they have moved on with their career as well as developed their confidence.  There is also a great deal of passion in designing our courseware, developing courses – always something to push me forwards – with passion of course!

Making mistakes.

We all make mistakes!  The key is to turn it into something positive because you have learnt something from that mistake.  To ignore it and to do it again and again – that is where you could go wrong.  I never knew how to run a business and in the early years I made a lot of mistakes.

But with every mistake I learnt something and so over the years the business grew more and more and developed effectively.  This can be the same for anyone working or studying – learn from any mistake you make today.  See it as a positive thing.

Wearing trainers to work.

Well why not! Fitting in exercise in and around your normal daily routine is a great way of helping with stress as well as maintaining or improving your fitness.  You may not wish to keep them on once at the office – but something to think about for getting to and from work.  You will walk faster and with more ease – and there is your built in exercise for the day.

Coping with chaos.

I think most of us do cope with a lot more chaos compared to years ago.  Most of our students are working mums – so there is a lot of juggling needed to include studying to help develop their careers.  But it is doable.

You get the family to help you to achieve your aims on the course and you may even see if your employer may be able to help with time out for studying or a quiet room to study in at lunchtimes or for 40 mins after work perhaps.  But do not fear chaos.  Work with it and identify how and where you can change things to help.

The above is all about you.  Working mums who want to progress with their career.  So focus on your passion, acknowledge mistakes and learn from them, think about getting exercise into your working routine and embrace chaos!  Nothing to lose!

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2 Responses

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the above. I am a busy working mum, I study when the kids give me 5minutes and when I can fit in a quick glance at the next paper. I want to wear shoes that are comfortable and that get me from A 2 B in the quickest time with the least amount of discomfort. I don’t want to have to carry extra shoes with me. The shoes I wear do not determine my ability to do a though and concise Job.

  2. 4 simple points to always remember which really aren’t that difficult. I am a first time Mum, my daughter arrived in February 2020 and amongst the chaos of having a new born, our country going into lockdown for the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic, my Husband being furloughed and having multiple moments of uncertainty, trying to decide what I wanted to do with myself other than being a Mum created quite a chaotic year. I embraced that chaos and here I am under going my Executive Assistant Diploma with passion leading the way. I’ve swopped my trainers for my slippers seen as I am studying from home and no longer working. Learning from my mistakes has brought me to where I am today when I couldn’t be happier with where life is leading me.

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