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5 Tips to Help with Studying

Life is busy for most people and usually requires a bit of juggling. Studying a course to help develop your career though is important and good for the whole family. So here are a few hints and tips to help with studying.

1. Plan your week – very few people can plan further ahead than a week especially if you have children who have things going on as well. But a proper 10 min sit down and going through each day will help with studying as you can plan the coming week and identify when and where you could study. Book in your study time as if they were appointments.

2. Little and often or larger study chunks? – we are all different and what suits one person may not suit another. There is more than one way to approach studying, time wise. You may find you can study for 30-40 mins most days and easily pick up where you were the day before. Others might prefer to settle into a good hour of studying every other day or more at the weekend. Find out what suits your learning curve and your weekly planning. This helps you to keep studying as part of your life without it being a headache.

3. Get the family involved – even the children! We have many stories where we hear our students’ children offer to help on the domestic front as well as partners – to give you that time out to focus on your studying. Have you asked for help from your family yet?

4. Set yourself some goals – you may find this gives you that extra push to help you to achieve something at different stages of the course such as finishing a module before the end of the week. Is this something you would find beneficial?

5. Peace and quiet – not easy to find nowadays but where you study is just as important as when you study. You need to be able to focus and concentrate so the study slot is effective, and you will feel you have achieved something at the end of it. So, think through where you could study quietly and without being interrupted.

I hope the above has given you ideas to help with studying your course.

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40 Responses

    1. Excellent tips Simon thank you so much. I’m finding it hard to find some quiet in house at the moment.

      1. Thank you Simon. Really useful and efficient tips for studying, easy to adapt even for a busy lifestyle.
        A must read for every student!

  1. Thank you for the tips my week is never the same so find it difficult to plan but these have tips have helped 🙂

  2. Thank you Simon for the ideas. As a career woman and a mum these tips helps me to plan out my studying time.

  3. Great tips Simon, I have set up a nice spreadsheet with the modules and a timeline for each module. The only thing left is to stick with it but sometimes life gets in the way.

  4. Thank You Simon for the useful ideas on how to juggle being a parent, work and study.
    Great tips for all students.

  5. These are some great tips for something I’ve been struggling with. Especially liking the the tip for getting the kids involved with domestic tasks 🙂

  6. Thanks for the tips Simon, I try to get my studying done on my day off when there’s no-one else around.

  7. Really useful tips. Planning my studying ahead of time has helped me keep on top of it and stick to my goals. Thank you

  8. Reading this through has been a great help, and a reminder to set a study plan for each week with a goal at the end. Helping, sticking to an achievable and manageable time scale with positive results.

  9. Thank you for the above tips they’re so helpful. I struggle with juggling my time so planning my week has made it so much easier to focus on study and allow others to not disturb me when studying.

  10. Really useful hint and tips. The most important for me is setting daily and weekly goals and push myself to gain it.

  11. Thank you for your very useful tips. Planning my week and setting goals has made a difference with my studying!

  12. Thank you, Simon. I found listed hints and tips very useful.
    They will definitely help me to plan for success in my studies.

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