7 Tips on Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

Last week I was asked by one of our students to help them with some tips on starting a Virtual Assistant business which they plan to do once they have completed their course.

Having a Virtual Assistant business is a great way to work from home and especially useful for those with a family and perhaps where jobs are not that easy to get to due to living in a rural area.

7 Tips on Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

    1. There is a wide range of information on starting up a VA business you can easily find on the Internet, so this should be your first port of call.
    2. With my business hat on I suggested getting in touch with organisations such as the FSB – Federation of Small Businesses where you can get a lot of helpful advice on helping to run a small business and they provide free legal advice once you are a member.
    3. Councils also provide support to small businesses and there are free sessions available with professionals to provide one to one advice and guidance on such things as marketing and advertising as well as many other aspects of running a small business.
    4. Having a USP – unique selling point – is also something worth thinking about including the character/personality of your business you would want to portray that would suit the clients you are looking to attract.
    5. Finding out what competitors are offering is also one of the first steps and identifying the standard template/business model for such a business, so you can start to shape how you would like to run your own VA business with your own stamp on it.
    6. Planning is essential of course and costing out your services can be quite tricky but using a spreadsheet makes the job a lot easier. The income is the fuel of the business, so it is important to get your costings right.
    7. Marketing and advertising can be costly, and every small business tell you only half of their advertising works – but they never know which half! There are a few places where you can advertise for free e.g. local business directories. Networking in the business community by joining local business groups would pay off in the long run as well as help you to get feedback on the type of services local firms would be interested in having from a VA service.

These few tips will hopefully start anyone looking to have their own VA business on the right path – good luck!

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  1. I think is an amazing support especially for people that want to approach this kind of career.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Great blog post, I would be interested in more recommendations for unique selling points as well as suggested roads for marketing and advertising.

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