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Reasons Not To Study – Lack of Time!

Well, it is true that the world and our lives seem to get ever busier.  Juggling work, family, a social life and everything else that goes on isn’t always easy but when we say we don’t have time are we really being honest with ourselves?  Do any of us really know how much time we have if we want it badly enough?

A few weeks ago I read an article that suggested a simple exercise and I decided to try it.  The results were very revealing and if you really do want to find time to study (or add anything else to your life) then it may be worth you trying.

All you need to do is keep a diary for a week or two.  Now I don’t mean a “Dear Diary” reflection on life but a really detailed minute by minute log of everything you do.  What time do you get up, how long in the shower, what time you leave to go to work and what time you get there, how long down the pub on Friday evening?  And I really do mean everything, including watching telly (note what you watch as well!).

Having done the diary have a look and see just how long you spend doing things that don’t really add value to your life (this doesn’t include genuine relaxation time which of course we all need to keep our sanity!).  Can you really not ditch 5 hours a week and use that time to do something else such as studying?  Did you really need to watch every episode of all the dramas on TV?  Could you have gone to the pub an hour later? Or can you use what otherwise appears as down time more effectively – for example could you do some of your study reading on the train to work?

Now I am not suggesting that we are all wasting lots of time doing nothing but when you analyse your weekly routines you may be surprised at how easy it is to find a little time to invest in your future.  “I don’t have time” often really means “I don’t see that thing you want me to do as being important enough to miss one of my favourite programmes on TV”!  But if a more fulfilling and successful future is a priority for you the diary exercise above may just help you find the time!

And if you are not convinced here is a thought for you.  If I said you need to find time tomorrow to travel 200 miles and collect a cheque for a million pounds would you find the time?  I bet we all would because we would see it as the key to a better future.  Well, maybe a course with Lewis Secretarial College could be a similar key – if you have the time of course!

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14 Responses

  1. One of the key issues around ‘finding time’ is that we are all bogged down with work, family and home life, we are usually running on autopilot though our routines. When I stray from routine, I feel out of sync and overwhelmed; worried that I’ve forgotten something or doubled my work load by not doing it today.
    When taking on a new course (or anything else) it is super important to remember it will take time to become routine. Just like everything else…… practice makes perfect. And be patient with yourself!
    If that basket of washing is calling you, go and put a load on; Its distracting you anyway. Study some more between cycles. Before you know it, studying becomes a part of your routine, just like everything else!

    1. Hi Jacqui

      A really nice point you make here and I love your washing simile. I couldn’t agree more with your comments on practice and the need for patience. Persistence is key!

  2. When I started this course, I did wonder when I was going to find the time! I work almost full time and have a family. I have realised that I am a morning person, so it’s better for me to work by getting up slightly earlier in the morning and finding time this way. It’s much more productive than working in the evening, after a days work , when I’m tired and just need to wind down. I do the work in hour slots or shorter, and leave the assessments for weekends when I need more time.

  3. I find that I study best when I can fully commit a block of time with no distractions, it helps me to feel that I am making good progress when I have a full set of assignments complete.

  4. Leaving the assessments until the weekends when I have more time to concentrate seems to work for me now. I try and complete the lessons during the week in the evenings after work. Sometimes this doesn’t always go to plan though!

  5. This blog is just what I needed to read about right now. I had been thinking along the same lines. This week I have been walking the dog to work instead of driving (two birds with one stone!) and saving me an evening/morning walk around my working day. This has enabled me to shuffle around a few tasks so I can put in a little more study time during the week.

    I am a big believer is taking a step back and reviewing routine. I have found we all can get complacent with normal daily tasks, not realising that this or that can be picked apart and put back together in a better way.

    I really have liked the feeling of motivation I have had from reading everyone else’s posts. Thanks!

  6. I think saying “I don’t have time” becomes a habit comment for a lot of people nowadays (myself included) because depending on that individuals lifestyle we take on more and more making us feel like time is no longer on our side. But in reality its because most of us lose track of how to time manage more than anything. I think this post and reading some of the other comments is a good reminder that time management and creating time doesn’t have to be as difficult or stressful as it can seem, and doing the diary tracking I think is a great way to remind yourself that there is always time for something especially if you really want it. Times not the prevention of your goals, you are.

  7. Reading this post has made me remember how I started my course. In my case, I do not usually understand when people complain that they do not have time to do anything. An example was a Skype conversation with a friend. We spent two hours talking in which she complained that she did not have time to play sports or do anything, just take care of her daughter. In those two hours of skype conversation I cooked lunch and dinner, I tidied up the kitchen, I did the laundry, I made pancake, I cooked them and I ate them, all of it moving my phone from one side to the other and on the other hand, my friend had not moved from the sofa instead. A clear example of who really wants something, get organized their schedule to get it.

  8. Reading this post made be evaluate how much extra time I could have in my day if I took out some of the unnecessary breaks and distractions. I’ve also noticed that if I can create an hour of my day to do some work I can achieve a lot in this time.

  9. I block out 30 minutes of my lunch break to study the lessons and then 1 hour when I get home from work on set days during the week. I also schedule my assessments in for weekends when I have a bit more free time to lock myself away and study.

  10. Hiiii

    This is a really helpful blog! one of my reasons not to study is my computer and its ability to act like a stroppy teenager hahah! currently working an assignment and its driving me up the wall!!! so that’s one thing that puts me off studying!

    N 🙂 x

  11. Really helpful blog. Like many others, I find it hard sometimes with juggling work (a brand new job so I am learning this too), a 4 year old who is starting school this year, studying this course, keeping on top of the house and sorting the dog. I have to make sure I have a plan/schedule or I just cannot keep up for sure!

  12. This is interesting. Was playing my daily schedules in my head while reading and will definitely make lots of adjustments and sacrifices.

  13. Time shouldn’t be an excuse not to study. Yes study needs full commitment, but we , in our life do a lot of things without commitments. We spent hours on social media apps, activities and tv etc. if we cut our time and make small adjustments, i think we can achieve a lot.

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