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The Benefits of Home Study

If you’re thinking of retraining or developing new skills the prospect of returning to conventional education is quite daunting.  The thought of going back into a classroom environment, the potential for lost earnings and a disruption to your schedule all provide good reasons to be wary.  This is an especially big concern for people who have been away from education for some time, are used to being in work and have developed responsibilities and commitments that make conventional study problematic.

However, a home based course of study can provide you with the training you need to advance your career without any of these problems and some other significant benefits.

Study at Home, In Your Own Time

First of all, home study allows you to work in your own preferred environment, whether that’s your home, a café or another pleasant space.  This removes the inconvenience of having to spend time and money travelling to a physical place of study, doesn’t tie you to a classroom or a college library, and allows you to engage with your studies in your own time.

The flexible schedule afforded by home study also allows you to fit your course around existing commitments, be they your current job, family responsibilities, social time or your creative pursuits.  That flexibility also enables you to spend extra time on the topics you find difficult and breeze through the parts you find easy without having to wait for the rest of the class to catch up, meaning that you make the best use of your time.

Extensive Support, One-to-One Tuition Style

Downloaded resources also make it easy to go back and review past coursework and literature later on in the course, which allows for a more relaxed and effective learning experience.

The one-to-one style, responsive tutoring possible through this kind of course has significant advantages over conventional study. With classroom-based learning you may have to wait to see your tutor at the next class or hope you catch them in their office which can be stressful, especially with assignments pending. Having regular pre-booked consultations with your tutor via Skype or telephone, contacting them through our Facebook Q&A sessions, and having them readily available to answer queries via email, offers a more timely and tailored service.

Furthermore, being removed from a classroom environment and having a more personalised, helpful relationship with your tutor allows you to ask as many questions as you need.  You gain a better understanding of what’s needed without having to worry about feeling embarrassed in front of your classmates or holding up the lesson.

However, that’s not to say that home study is an entirely one-on-one process as online Q&As and forums allow you to converse with peers and aid each other’s understanding without the social pressure implicit in a conventional student experience.

Value for Money

Finally, a Lewis Secretarial College home study course is typically much less expensive than conventional attendance at a bricks and mortar college, while offering comparable, and in some instances, superior learning outcomes capped off with a recognised qualification or accredited certificates of achievement.

Home study has many benefits in terms of allowing you to improve your skills and further your career with minimal financial outlay. It provides an educational experience which is focused on you and can be shaped around your life.

Requesting Further Information

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