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Guide to Recruitment Agencies

Guide to Recruitment Agencies

As part of our student job and career support service, we provide careers advice, CV design and guidance when applying for jobs or registering with recruitment agencies in all of our courses.
Our students have a high success rate in securing a new job either whilst they are studying with us or after completion.
Below you will find a quick reference guide to some of the top recruitment agencies that specialise in PA, EA, Administrator, Secretary and Medical Secretary roles.
Angela Mortimer has been around about 5 years more than we have and over the years we have had many students secure a new job with them.
They cover most of the UK as well as Europe, USA and China.
They have a different approach to recruitment compared to many agencies and you will find some useful information on their website.

Hayes are one of the largest recruitment agencies specialising in professional jobs throughout the world. 

They have useful information on their website – see their Executive PA and EA section.

Once you have decided on the range of business organisations you would like to work in, the types of jobs that would suit you, using the skills you have gained on your course, it is time to develop the CV.

You may need more than one CV designed depending on the range of business organisations you are interested in and range of jobs you would like to apply for, and so the prospective employer can easily see you match their needs.

Getting the right balance, image and tone is key and reflecting what the employer is looking for can make a lot of difference.

We help you with all of this as part of the course!

This agency provide top end PA and EA jobs with high level organisations.

Suitable for those looking to work in leading companies in the London area.


Another top agency providing above average job opportunities throughout the UK. 
Originally set up in the 1980s by Lady Virginia Tate who had a specific vision in providing quality recruitment. 
They specialise only in office professionals – both temporary contracts and permanent.

Not only do they provide information on professional office jobs throughout the UK but also a range of useful information and guidance on CVs and interview techniques – picking up on the current trends in the business world.

One of the largest sites to find out about jobs in different parts of the UK and abroad. 

Useful information about current salaries, careers, CV and interview techniques as well.

As well as a range of specialist recruitment agencies there are some good websites to search when looking for a new job.

Useful to see the range of recruitment agencies advertising jobs on these sites and enables you to select those you would like to register with.

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