Can I Study a PA Course Online?

Many courses that were traditionally delivered in the classroom are now available online. Can you study a PA course online? Yes, and it’s becoming a very popular route to this career.

Some people do have the time to attend a classroom alongside their full-time career, but many of us don’t have this luxury. Being able to work towards a professional qualification in the evening and at weekends is an ideal solution for those who don’t have the time to commit outside working hours.

We all perform many other essential functions online these days such as online banking and email correspondence, and often not even on a desktop device. It follows that the resources required to gain the knowledge that leads to the development of the necessary skills to pass a professional qualification should follow suit. That’s where we come in.

There are several courses you can complete online such as:

Executive PA Diploma –


Executive Assistant Diploma –

Even though a course is delivered online, its acceptance is equal to that of a course delivered in person. The aforementioned Diplomas are NCFE accredited and having these on a CV would be a notable enhancement for anybody looking for a career in this field.

2 Replies to “Can I Study a PA Course Online?”

  1. Serena

    I am currently studying the Executive Assistant Diploma and I must say I find the online teaching method well rounded with plenty of depth, and I feel I receive a great amount of support from the team.

  2. Niaombh Slattery

    I am currently studying the Personal Assistant course which I am finding extremely useful and learning new things all the time. The tutors are very patient and very supportive.

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