Special Arrangements for Prospective Students

One of the great benefits of home study is that you can learn in your own environment and at your own pace. We have helped many students over the years who require special arrangements to be successful on their course.

To give us the best chance of helping you succeed in your chosen course and to decide whether our courses are suitable please get in touch to discuss any special arrangements you may need. For example:

A disability or learning difficulty which affects the pace at which you are able to study – we may be able to offer an extended time frame.

Wheelchair access to an exam centre – we can tell you which centres are available in your area, what alternatives there may be to visiting a centre and help you decide whether the course is suitable for you.

Impaired vision or hearing – are we able to provide appropriate teaching materials or not for a particular course?

Specific requirements for sitting exams such as requiring an audio feed – again we can advise you which centres are available, if any.

The list above is only intended to serve as an example of the things you may wish to raise with us, it is not intended as a comprehensive list.

It is important that we have this discussion before you decide to undertake a course so that you can make an informed decision about whether the course is suitable for you.

For personal guidance and advice please contact Penny Lewis, on info@lewiscollege.co.uk or phone 0800 5003096.