Professional IT Skills

Course Duration: Open for 6 months – complete within 6 months to suit you!

Qualifications: Professional IT skills training certificate with 60 CPD points.

This course will cover Microsoft Office programs covering basic tools and features and then developing your knowledge and skills further to an advanced level.

Suitable for those looking to develop their IT skills to help cope with their role as well as those starting their career where IT skills would be beneficial.

Immediate Start!

You can complete the course as quickly as you wish studying full time or part time from as little as 2 hours a week.  The course is open for up to 6 months providing time out for holidays, family events etc.

Accreditation – CPD

Professional IT Skills Training Certificate with 60 CPD points

Further information about CPD accreditation.

Course Content

This section of the course covers word processing skills to enable you to produce a range of different business documents.  It is the largest program in the suite of Microsoft Office programs.

You will cover key editing and production tools to begin with before looking at more specific areas of the program to cover tables, MailMerge and using desk top publishing features.

This is a key program for all office personnel. This unit will cover how to use different features to send and receive email, how to set automatic features, setting up a folder system for organising emails and using advanced features.

You will also develop your skills in using the range of PIM tools and features within the program.

You will complete a range of mini exercises to learn how to use different features within Outlook as well as complete some assignments putting in practice what you have learnt.

Preparing information in spreadsheets is a key part of office work.  In this part of the course you will learn how to use key aspects of the program before developing your knowhow in creating formulae and then functions which are more complex as well as charts and graphs.

After learning how to use the program you will complete a range of assignments to consolidate your knowledge.

PowerPoint is one of the fun programs in Microsoft Office and in this section of the course you will learn how to create a range of presentations using different layouts, animation and transitions.

You will complete a range of mini exercise to develop your knowledge in using the program before developing your own presentations complete with a suitable design to meet different audiences and needs.

Publisher is a small program used to create professional looking business documents. Linked to Word in many of its features it does provide additional tools to enable a more polished look to promotional material.

You will complete a range of mini exercises to learn how to use the different features before putting into practice what you have learnt to create different professional documents.

Course Fees – £160

including VAT and Certification

Next Steps

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