Professional Business Documents

This course will develop your business document skills helping you to cope with a range of tasks when preparing different types of business documents.

You will study a range of Word skills plus techniques to improve proof reading, professional display skills as well as touch typing and audio transcription.

The course is suitable for those already working in an office and those looking to start their office career.

Immediate start!

You can complete the course as quickly as you wish studying full time or part time from as little as 2 hours a week.  The course is open for up to 6 months providing plenty of time out for holidays, family events etc.

Course Content

Touch Typing

You will be using our interactive program to develop your touch typing skills.  You may be a beginner or have some knowledge and looking to develop your touch typing skills further.

You will develop your touch typing skills whilst working on the other sections on the course.

A speed typing test is carried out at the end of the course and the result recorded on your Certificate.

Business Letters

secretary certificate being studied on a laptopThis section of the course will develop your ability to produce professional business letters . You will learn how to use a range of Word tools and features to create professional business letters from instructions, develop proof reading skills, effective production techniques and how to use automatic features to reduce typing repetitive text, speeding up your production rate.


Starting off with learning the different features in creating tables you will then move onto producing some simple tables and then more complex tables using useful tools such as decimal tabs, table design effects etc.  You will complete a range of assignments typical of an office based role.

Creating and Editing Reports

Reports are a key element of everyday work in an office role.  You will learn how to prepare multi page reports from instructions where you need to correct typing and English errors.

You will also learn how to edit reports from instructions developing a methodical approach to ensure accuracy is maintained and all amendments are carried out.

Display techniques, proof reading and checking skills are developed in this module.

Mail Merge

A very useful part of the program specifically designed for mailshots for letters and emails used in promotional campaigns etc.

You will complete a range of tasks using mail merge including setting up original templates, linking data files, editing data files and setting mail merge criteria for selective merging.

Audio Transcription

Tips on starting a virtual assistant businessDeveloping your skills in preparing business documents from audio dictation is a very useful skill.

Many managers will dictate letters, notes, reports etc which will then need to be transcribed. You will need fast typing speeds, good English and proof reading skills to complete the tasks which involves preparing a range of business documents from dictation.

Accreditation – CPD

Professional Business Documents Training Certificate with 60 CPD points/credits

Further information about NCFE Awarding Body and CPD accreditation.

Course Fees £170

Including VAT and Certification