Professional Administration

This course is designed for those already working in an office who would like to update their skills and gain CPD points/credits covering a range of Administration tasks.

The course is also suitable for those just starting out in their career who would like to have some knowledge and understanding in Administration.

You can complete the course as quickly as you wish.  The course is open for 6 months.

How you will study this course

You will study this course through distance learning with tutor support.  You will have your own login to our on line Learning Hub to access the courseware.

Courseware includes a range of information, questionnaires and tasks to complete.

You will send your assignments by email direct to your personal tutor who will provide feedback and guidance and where relevant worked examples.  These tasks and assignments are assessed as you progress through the course.


Diary Management

You will develop your knowledge and understanding in maintaining effective diary management skills. You will also learn about manual diaries and their place within the modern office. Assignments include reading material on the topic and practical assignments to put into practice what you have learnt.

Business Meetings

In this module you will be looking at the steps to take in liaising with different colleagues as well as the Chair and how to support them when planning a business meeting. You will work through preparing for a typical business meeting including preparing draft Agendas, liaising with the venue to plan for facilities and catering, circulating Agendas, maintaining a suitable tracking system for those attending, updating the Chair, attending the meeting and your role, preparing minutes of meetings and circulating to those concerned.

Business Trips

This module is about learning the step by step process to undertake when preparing a business trip and ensuring organisation guidelines are maintained. Developing good communication skills with those involved in the business trip is essential. Presenting information including detailed Itineraries is also covered using effective table design skills. You will also carry out research to prepare for a typical business trip abroad including providing a range of essential and useful information for your travellers to support them fully.

Business Events

Organising a business event is usually a team effort and goes through several stages of preparation. In this module you will learn the step by step process you should follow to organise an event including preparing a range of promotional material. You will compose and design publicity material for the event, invitations, programmes including layouts and review forms – all key documents used when organising a business event.

You will also organise a staff rota so all members of the team involved on the day will be fully briefed as to what and where they should be throughout the event. You will also carry out a review report to analyse and evaluate the success of the event. This is essential to ensure future events build on the success of the event but also identify aspects that need further improvement.

Composing Business Documents

This module looks at developing your ability to compose a range of different business documents extracting, analysing and relating to information provided. You will complete a range of assignments looking at composing emails, letters, reports, articles and questionnaires using different scenarios similar to what you will find in the workplace.

You will need to analyse the information provided and relate to the situation and then prepare suitable documents which are fit for purpose.

Accreditation – CPD

You will receive the

Professional Administration Training Certificate

with 50 CPD points/credits

Course Fees – £150

Enrolling on Course

If you would like to enrol on this course please email:

Providing details of

  • Course Title
  • Month you would like to start
  • Details for invoicing purposes

We shall then prepare an invoice and send this by email.