Office Skills Foundation Course

Our Office Skills short course is designed for those looking to learn some key skills suitable for an office junior role.

The course is also suitable for those who are working perhaps as a sales rep, managers, teachers – anyone where they are required to carry out some administration in their day to day workload.

University students would also find this short course useful to help them throughout their studies at University as well as when they start their first job.

There are no Assessments in this course.


Touch Typing and Speed Development

Being able to type quickly and accurately is the hallmark of a great office professional.  We will teach you the correct way to touch type and help you develop your speed aiming to achieve 50 wpm or more.

Email and Personal Information – Outlook

Outlook is the main program used in business to send and receive emails, organise meetings, set up appointments and keep a list of tasks yet to do.  You will learn how to use a range of features within the program enabling you to cope with a busy working life.

Diary Management

In this module you will develop your knowhow in how to manage diaries – a key aspect of a busy working life for both yourself and others in your team as well as your line manager.  You will learn how both manual and digital diaries have their place in the modern office.

Producing Business Letters and Reports – Word

This section of the course will develop your ability to produce professional business letters and reports.  You will cover a range of features within Word to develop your skills in presenting business documents to a professional standard.

Spreadsheets – Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheets are used widely in the business world in many different types of jobs.  This module will cover how to set up spreadsheets, create calculations, produce reports and charts.

Slide Presentations – PowerPoint

Creating slide presentations is a skill we all need to have.  Used for business meetings, training as well as marketing purposes for exhibitions and events.

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