OCR Advanced Level 3 Diploma in IT User Skills (ITQ)

Lewis College is an Accredited OCR Centre and brings you the OCR Advanced Level 3 Diploma in AdministrationThis regulated qualification is especially relevant if you currently work in an office using Microsoft Office and you wish to receive formal recognition for your skills and knowledge as well as add more IT skills.

Upon successful completion of this online course including external moderation by OCR you will be awarded the

 OCR Advanced Level 3 Diploma in IT (ITQ).

  • Word Processing Software – Word
  • Spreadsheet Software – Excel
  • Using Email – Outlook
  • Personal Information Management Software – Outlook
  • Presentation Software – PowerPoint
  • Desktop Publishing – Publisher
  • Database Software – Access
  • Using the Internet – IE/Edge/Chrome/Safari
  • Improving Productivity Using IT – Windows

You can study the course from home or work.

Assessments are carried out in the workplace and can either be Assignment based (provided by OCR) or work related tasks you have completed.

A witness is required to confirm the authentication of your work.

Diploma Course and Exam Fees

Diploma Course Fees £650
OCR registration fees £200 payable on entry submission for full Diploma
Course is open for 12 months.

Single Units Course Fees and Exam Fees

Single Unit Course Fees £90 per unit
OCR Registration fees for each unit: £25 payable on entry submission
Course open for each unit for 2 months.