When can I start my course?

We have regular start dates for courses but places are limited to ensure we can look after our new students to the right standard.

In the early weeks of the course we provide extra help and support to ensure our students settle into their course and start to build their confidence and study skills effectively.  It makes all the difference!


How can I pay for my course?

You can pay for your course through direct bank/on line/mobile banking or by on line direct payment using a credit or debit card.

Course fees can be paid in full prior to the course or you can choose one of the different monthly payment options available for each course and designed to suit different budgets.

Those paying by monthly payments can set up a standing order/regular payment – we will provide our bank details.

If your Employer is paying for the course, they will be provided with an invoice and can also choose to pay in full or in monthly payments.

Some students pay part of their course fees and their Employer pays the remaining amount.

See also our Student Savings Club – Club LC which is free to all students.  Our Savings Club will enable you to make savings which hopefully will help towards budgeting for your course.


Are these distance learning/home study courses?

Yes!  All of our courses can be studied at home (or anywhere!).  There is no need for you to attend any centre to study the course.

All of our NCFE (IIQ) accredited courses can be completed entirely at home including Assessments and Exams, without the need to attend any exam centre.

Our OCR qualification courses can be studied at home but Assessments need to be completed in the workplace (Assignment based Assessments) with a line manager acting as an authentication witness tracking when you work on your Assessment to comply with OCR’s Assessment regulations.


What equipment do I need to study the course?

You will need just four things to enable you to study with us:

  • A laptop or PC.  Any reasonably recent machine (up to 5 years old) should be suitable.
  • Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 or Office 365 – there are various options on the Microsoft Store website.  Ensure you have the full range of programs you need for your course (there are 6 in total if studying all the Office programs).  There are various options including monthly subscriptions or student discount (University edition) covering 4 years.  Most licences cover more than one computer/laptop/tablet.
  • An internet connection.  Most of the courseware can be downloaded so that you can study “off-line” but you will need internet access to do the download and of course for email correspondence.
  • Some students like to print off some of the courseware whilst others use a tablet or other computer to refer to the courseware whilst they work on different Assignments and Assessments.  You do not need either if you prefer to keep things simple!


How much time do I need to study?

One of the many advantages of home study is that it gives you the flexibility to adapt your learning schedule to suit your lifestyle, fitting your study in around work, the kids and everything else that life throws at you!  We do recommend that you study at least 5 hours per week on average and most of our students find that planning their study sessions and making them part of their weekly schedule really helps them to keep on track with the course.

How you split your weekly study hours up is up to you and you will learn by experience whether you are better doing a few long sessions or more frequent shorter sessions.  Remember there is no hard and fast rule, we all learn in different way.

Some students study more for several weeks and then have a break whilst they are busy with other commitments.

Of course, you are free to study more than 5 hours per week as many of our students do and this will allow you to complete the course more quickly.

We find more and more students are choosing to study full time as an alternative to going to college and this will enable you to finish the course much more quickly.


Can I go on holiday during my course?

Yes!  We all need a holiday!

You can take a break whenever you wish – the course will remain open ready for you to pick up on your return.


Can I study full time?

Yes!  You can study as many hours per week as you wish.

Some students like to study intensively and complete their course in a short a time as possible.  We can adjust the teaching programme to reflect your study pattern.


What is the difference between a certificate and a diploma?

Nearly all of our courses offer multiple Diplomas, single Diplomas or Certificates.

A Diploma is made up of several single modules and is required to be more than 370 guided learning hours (GLH) to qualify as a Diploma.

A Certificate is made up of fewer single modules and is required to be between 121-369 GLH to qualify as a Certificate.

There are Level 2 Diplomas and Certificates which are GCSE/Intermediate level.

There are Level 3 Diplomas and Certificates which are A Level/Advanced level.

Level 4 Diplomas are Foundation Degree standard.


Is there a time limit to my course?

Each course has a Course Programme time frame based on studying approximately 5-8 hours a week.  However you will have access to the course for longer to provide you with more flexibility to cover for holidays, illness, busy times etc.

Your course will remain open for several weeks or months longer than the Course Programme.  Please see the relevant Course Prospectus for further details.

You also have the option to extend your course after it has closed, by paying for extended tuition at a discounted rate.


Can I study at home?

Yes!  All our courses are exclusively designed for home study.  There is no need to attend the college – you can study at your own pace in your own place!


Do I need Microsoft Office to study my course?

Most of our courses teach MS Office and you will therefore need to have this on your computer or access to it to study your course.  MS Office 2013 or MS Office 365/2016 are suitable.  You can now pay for MS Office 365 on a monthly subscription of less than £6 per month and Office 365 is updated by Microsoft regularly so you will always have the latest version.

MS Office is the main suite of programs used in the business world and therefore essential to know how to use when applying for jobs.


Can I take a break during my course?

Our courses have a Course Programme time frame upon which the course timetable is based.  This is the time that a typical student would take to complete the course and is based on studying 5 to 8 hours per week.

Your course will be open for longer than the Course Programme to allow for holidays ,illness, busy times at work and all those things that life likes to throw at us from time to time to enable you to have a break from studying.

As an example our Executive PA course has a Course Programme of 15 months but you have access to the course for 24 months ie an additional 9 months.  You can therefore take a break from your studying if you wish but must complete the course within the 24 months your course is open.

If you have not completed your course within the overall access period, you can extend by buying Extended Tuition at a discounted rate.  Further details can be provided on request.


What makes studying with Lewis College different?

We were one of the first Secretarial Colleges specialising in EA, PA, Administration and IT courses to provide distance learning courses – over 15 years’ ago.

Our tutors are experienced and qualified and most of them have also taught in the classroom environment either with ourselves or in other Colleges.

We have always taught on a one to one basis – both in the classroom and through our distance learning courses.  We provide a great deal of personal support for each of our students throughout the course.

Looking at our testimonials and Trust Pilot comments, one of the main elements of studying with us that students have commented on is the level of support and our friendly approach in helping our students be successful.