Gain a Diploma Working Full Time

Diploma Working Full Time

Trying to juggle working full-time while also studying a Diploma can feel overwhelming. With constant demands from your job and finding time for coursework, it’s easy to feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. However, with determination and smart time management, you can strike a balance. Follow these essential tips to successfully […]

Flexible Diplomas Designed for Busy Mums

Mum and Dughter with laptop - Flexible Diplomas Designed for Busy Mums

Juggling family life while trying to advance your career can feel impossible, that’s why we have flexible Diplomas designed for busy mums. At Lewis College, we empower busy mums to earn accredited PA, EA, Office Manager and Medical Secretarial qualifications 100% online. Our flexible Diploma programmes allow you to gain career-boosting skills without compromising your […]

How to Effectively Manage Your Time Between Work and Study

Working and studying at the same time is enough to make anybody’s life hectic. Constantly switching off from one thing and on to the other leaves very little time for anything else, and most of us have homes to keep in order and sleep to fit in too. You probably already have a few favourite […]

5 Tips to Help with Studying

Life is busy for most people and usually requires a bit of juggling. Studying a course to help develop your career though is important and good for the whole family. So here are a few hints and tips to help with studying. 1. Plan your week – very few people can plan further ahead than […]

Reasons Not To Study – Lack of Time!

Well, it is true that the world and our lives seem to get ever busier.  Juggling work, family, a social life and everything else that goes on isn’t always easy but when we say we don’t have time are we really being honest with ourselves?  Do any of us really know how much time we […]

The Benefits of Home Study

If you’re thinking of retraining or developing new skills the prospect of returning to conventional education is quite daunting.  The thought of going back into a classroom environment, the potential for lost earnings and a disruption to your schedule all provide good reasons to be wary.  This is an especially big concern for people who […]

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