Team Management: 9 Tips for Executive Assistants.

Team management is a critical skill for Executive Assistants. They are often the first line of defence when it comes to maintaining the smooth operations of their team. From handling conflicts among team members to ensuring deadlines are met, Executive Assistants shoulder a lot of responsibility in ensuring their team runs like a well-oiled machine. […]

How to Change your Career: 5 Steps to Become an Executive Assistant.

For many of us, the idea of changing our careers can be daunting. We may feel stuck in our current roles or uncertain about what else is out there. Maybe we’re afraid of making a mistake or not being good enough. The good news is that a career change to becoming an Executive assistant is […]

Interview Tips: Make the Job Interview Work for You!

A few handy interview tips to help you in your next job. Overview An interview is a meeting between two parties in order to determine whether or not they are suited for working together. The interviewer has a job that they need extra support in running, and the interviewee has the relevant skills and experience […]

Stress Management: Dealing with Stressful Decisions

Stress management and dealing with stress in general is a skill and something we all need to learn. This will be even more apparent as we all make major adjustments to our working habits. One of the key ideas of dealing with stressful situations and where decisions needs to be made, is to park it. […]

Become a Personal Assistant: Can I Study a PA Course Online?

Although many courses that have traditionally been delivered in the classroom are now available online. You may be wondering if it is possible to study for a career as a Personal Assistant online. The answer is yes, and this option is becoming increasingly popular. Many of us do not have the luxury of time to […]

Executive Assistant: What Course Should I Do To Become an EA?

A short blog on which course is right for an aspiring Executive Assistant. Knowing what course you should do to become a executive assistant is an important step in creating a path to your ideal career. Executive assistants play an important role in any business where good communication and organisation is the key to success.  […]

5 Benefits from Providing Training for Your PA

I can think of at least 5 benefits to your organisation in providing training for your PA. • Saving money – your PA will be able to do more tasks and share more responsibility. This in turn will enable them to cover a wider workload. • Time saving – you will have more time to […]

Personal Assistant job: How to cope!

It is one thing to get a personal assistant job – but quite another to cope with it and feel on top of your role. Once you start to lose confidence because day after day you do not feel you are coping, you start to go into a downward spiral. So making sure you feel […]

Shorthand: Career boost or bust?

Shorthand has been part of the PA role for decades and with the development of the digital world, many may think this is a skill no longer needed. Origins of Shorthand But it is still going strong! The original Pitman New Era shorthand system (which is the one I learnt) is complicated and has a […]

How to Follow Up on a Job Interview

Looking for a new position can be a nerve-wracking and anxious time, and never more so than when you’ve had a recent interview with the company of your dreams and have yet to hear back from them.  Stay positive; it is important to remember that the process of job seeking doesn’t necessarily end at the […]