How We Teach

Although this is a home study course, we are still very active in teaching you and being involved in your course.  Our courses are not just about the courseware – but in providing you with a flexible and extensive range of tutor and assessor support throughout the course.

Lessons are sent personally by your tutors with some courseware downloaded from our courseware portals.

Your contact with your tutors will be via email enabling you to submit assignments and assessments you have completed as well as ask questions as and when it suits you to study.

Courseware is made up of a variety of learning materials such as practical tasks, reading material, instructional videos and audio files, designed and written by the College.

The one-to-one tuition style allows us to tailor your course for your needs, providing extra support where required to ensure you are always progressing effectively with your studying.

Facebook, Phone and Skype

We have a dedicated college Facebook page where we provide a plethora of useful articles to help in the workplace, post vacant job roles from the industry, blogs from various members of the college team and we also run Q&A sessions.

The Q&A sessions allow students to post questions on a specified subject.  This is a great way to meet your fellow students and get involved in the college community.  Your tutor is of course always at the end of an email for direct questions.

You also have the option of speaking with your tutor on the phone or via Skype on pre-booked appointments if you find it easier to discuss your queries and questions directly with your tutor.

Quality of Service

We are great believers in ensuring we provide a professional and responsive service to all of our students ensuring they can progress quickly and effectively with their studying.

We therefore aim to:

  • Answers questions and queries the same day they are received or early the following working day.
  • Provide marked work and feedback to submitted assignments within 2 working days.
  • Provide marked assessments and feedback to submitted assessments and exams within 7 days.

We also provide careers advice and support whilst applying for jobs as well as a mentor role whilst you are studying with us.

We are usually in touch with most of our students on a weekly or some even a daily basis depending on how intensive they are studying.  This helps us to build up a good working relationship with our students and promotes a friendly and helpful relationship.

We all look forward in helping you to be successful in your careers.