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Coping with your PA Job

It is one thing to get a PA job – but quite another to cope with it and feel on top of your role. Once you start to lose confidence because day after day you do not feel you are coping, you start to go into a downward spiral.

So making sure you feel confident in the full range of PA skills is essential.

This may mean studying a full course, so you can prove you have the right range of skills and/or because you want to feel fully trained for the role, or it could be you wish to fill in some skill gaps and study odd modules to suit.

Besides the obvious skills needed in IT, Administration and producing business documents there is a range of PA skills that cover all the other elements of this important role. Knowing how to organise and prioritise your workload and developing professional communication skills is an essential part of a PA role and of course maintaining working relationships so they are effective and enjoyable. Constant communication is at the heart of the PA role – whether face to face, through body language, by telephone or through social media and knowing how to manage these situations will help boost your confidence. Learning how to say no and coping with awkward situations is another topic that is great for boosting your confidence.

If you feel you are not coping with your PA role you may find some key training will make a lot of difference – enabling you to feel on top of your job. Makes for a happier life!

2 Replies to “Coping with your PA Job”

  1. Lucy

    When I find myself getting overwhelmed at work I just remember something I read recently on a PA website that really resonates: “You aren’t saving lives. All you can do is the best that you can. Nobody can fault you for that” – very wise words!

  2. Shiroma Fernando

    yes, a PA job is not an easy task as you are at times multi-tasking and its good to get into a course like Executive Administrator Diploma, where you are thought to handle your work with all new developments and the book by Sue Frans is fantastic reading – The Definitive Personal Assistant and Secretarial Handbook, the insights into neuroscience is incredibly interesting !

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